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Monday, October 02, 2006

pic's to follow.....

Back from our family vacation at Myrtle Beach. I'll have some photo's to post in a day or two, when I get a chance to go though them ALL.

We had a GREAT trip. Debbie's family gets together once a year for a Family vacation. There were 13 of us all together in one house. We didn't do a whole lot, just made it a relaxing family time kind of trip. I did get in some surf fishing at night and made it to the Ripley's® Aquarium for the first time. That was a GREAT experience.
I'm not so excited about being back at work today but glad to be home none the less. I know every family can't get along long enough for a trip like this but if you can DO IT! It is wonderful to have time like that to spend with your family and really get to know each other better than just seeing each other on holidays.
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